About Gender Tech

At Gender Tech we believe that digital technology offers new and powerful solutions to accelerate progress towards gender equality.

Our Mission

To harness the power unleashed by digital technology to accelerate social change and progress towards gender equality.

Guiding principles that define us:

  • Digital technology brings opportunity: creating the potential to accelerate the pace of change
  • Thinking scale: Our investments are designed with large scale impact and influence in mind
  • Passionate and courageous: An enterprise is an undertaking, venture or project, especially a daring and courageous one
  • Independence: untied to short term political agendas and committed to long term sustainable change.
  • Partnerships and change: working with others who like us are committed to driving change

About us

Through our work and experience on gender equality over many years, we have seen the potential of technology to drive large scale and rapid social change. Gender Tech has been set up as a vehicle for taking forward this experience and the ideas that it has provoked. We are focused on strategic impact and engaging in enterprises that offer the potential to create widespread change. We are also focused on mobilising resources that are untied to short term political agendas and committed to long term sustainable change.

Climate change is one the most pressing issue of our time. The last five years have seen a massive increase in momentum to tackle the climate emergency. Climate and gender justice must go hand in hand to have an impact. Women’s contribution to climate action is vital yet so often over-looked. In 2020, Gender Tech adopted climate change as the priority for our next set of collaborations.