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Products and Services

Gender Tech will develop a series of product-based enterprises and services to tackle and respond to current challenges affecting girls and women, particularly the most vulnerable and marginalised. We will regularly work with gender and inclusion experts to ensure our products and services are informed by the latest evidence and work closely with technology specialists. 

Contributing To Climate Justice

Bringing a gender lens into the carbon markets in recognition of the massive gap in recognition and understanding of the vital linkages between the success of action to mitigate greenhouse gas emmissions and womens participation and climate leadership continues as the focus of our work in 2023. Historically women have been virtually invisible in carbon markets resulting in lost opportunities for gaining from their wisdom and experience; avoidable social and environmental harms from poorly designed interventions; and the inequitable distribution from the sales of carbon credits. To increase the integration of gender and womens voices into the voluntary carbon market (VCM), Sue Phillips of Gender Tech has been contributing since 2020 as an expert adviser to the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (ICVCM) and in 2022 led a UK FCDO funded research into the state of gender integration into the VCM  which was published in November.

We are currently partnering with EMTEC Corporation ( to support the application of their vehicle tracking technology into emerging markets. EMTEC has developed a unique and highly accurate digital technology for measuring vehicle carbon emissions and together we are developing a digital platform to use this technology to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles in East Africa.

Our mission is to deliver a just solution that reduces carbon emissions whilst supporting livelihood opportunities for low income women and men. We aim to increase affordability of two and three wheeler EVs by opening up access to carbon market finance through the use of our digital technology, maximising the flow of financial benefits to end users.

Tackling Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment

The Safeguarding Diagnostic which has been developed in partnership with Social Development Direct as a technological innovation to support the global movement to tackle sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment. The diagnostic offers business leaders the opportunity to act to prevent sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (PSEAH):  in the workplace, in their programmes and in their supply chains.


GenderTech Products

The Safeguarding Diagnostic

The Safeguarding Diagnostic is a platform based digital tool that will help business leaders to feel confident that they have robust systems, processes and resources in place to safeguard against sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment. The Diagnostic provides a comprehensive overview and insight into the strengths and weaknesses of an organisation, identifying and prioritising areas where safeguarding risks are highest and where organisational approaches can be strengthened.

As a digital tool, the Safeguarding Diagnostic has the potential to be rolled out to offices, divisions, programmes and downstream partners through a training of trainers approach supported and quality assured by Gender Tech. It will be used to anonymously benchmark across the sector, to allow individual organisations to review their performance and to provide data to the international community to track and progress change over time.

The Safeguarding Diagnostic has been developed in partnership with Social Development Direct as a technological innovation to support the global movement to tackle sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment.

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